"Home for the Holidays" written and directed by John Jeffcoat
The Summit Building
Washington Convention Center - LMN Architects
Climate Next
Documentary series created for AWS
ALEXA Jeopardy App
Commercial "It shouldn't be that hard"
Fan Up
A Spot for the WA State Lottery featuring Seahawks legends Kam Chancellor and Cliff Avril.
Lonely Mama
Written by Pete Droge & Elaine Summers
Two of the Lucky Ones
"Alternate Version" by Pete Droge & Elaine Summers
Amazon Music
Music documentaries
The Spheres
Created for Belle and Wissell's immersive and interactive "Understory" at The Spheres.
Hipster Garage
Mukilteo Ferry Terminal
LMN Architects
Meet the Designer
A short film about designing Microsoft's Arc Touch mouse.
A short documentary that tells the story of the Burke Museum renovation by the uber talented folks at Olson Kundig.
Feature Film
Octave 9
Created for Belle & Wissell to showcase their amazing work on the Octave 9 space.
Amplified Docs
A series of short documentaries created for MTV's "$5 Cover" series.
Grand Park St Bridge
A short film about the Grand Park St Bridge narrated by Stephen Van Dyck of LMN Architects.
Andrew Will
A short film about the Andrew Will Winery on VAshon, Island, WA.
Nameless Station
Music Videos for the Band Nameless Station, the duo of John Jeffcoat and Joel Husenits.
Feature Film
Music Videos
Music videos for Pete Droge, Tennis Pro and Danny Newcomb.
Seattle Asian Art Museum
16th & Cambie
A short film created for Wesgroup's 16th & Cambie project.
Lakeview office Building
LMN Architects
Bingo! The documentary
A feature-length documentary about the Bingo playing culture around the world.
A fun little series of ads that showcase WOOT!'s sense of humor and low-budget aesthetic, featuring their own staff! Produced by THE NEW BLANK.
All in the Dream
Written & performed by Ron Gatty
Tennis Pro: Sean
A short documentary about drummer Sean Lowry's recovery from a traumatic brain injury.
Coming Soon
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